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Hey there, music lovers!
It’s me –MK-,
AKA Marek Gabriel Kovar,
AKA DJ with the beats that can’t be beat…

well, except for that one time when my grand grandma fell asleep during my set. But hey, I can’t blame her she’s more of a polka fan.

Let’s be real, I’m just happy to be making music and having a good time.



I am playing Psytrance, Trance, Triphop, UK Bass, Deep Dub Step, Techno, and Bass House.

And I am always open to playing new genres of music. Because it is not about the genre, but about the music… Feelings… Emotions… Vibrations… Frequencies…

Just feel that beat…


(Tech House)

5th August 2023

Squamish, BC

more to be announced…



Private Party

28-29nd April 2023

Squamish, BC

Inner Space
(Bass/World/Deep dupstep)

22nd April 2023

Vancouver, BC

Praguery Grand Opening!

14th April 2023

Coho Eatery
White Rock, BC

Art World Expo

1st & 2nd April 2023

North Vancouver, BC

Just Dance Journey: Full Bloom
w/ Tefa Vento & Raghunath Khe (Ecstatic Dance)

31st March 2023

Vancouver, BC

Behind the Red Curtain
(Psytrance Full-On)

4th March 2023

Vancouver, BC

25th February 2023

West Vancouver, BC

Private B-day Party
(Funky House, House b2b w/ Bear-tik)

28th January 2023

Jitters Caffe,
Vancouver, BC

Chinese New Year’s Private Party
(Drum and Bass b2b w/ Bear-tik)

21st January 2023

Vancouver, BC

Private Party
(Electro pop, Oldies, Disco, Funky house)

14th January 2023

New Westmister, BC

Just Dance :: Clear Light w/ -MK- & Raghunath Khe
(Bass, Breaks, Breakbeat, Organic House, Electronica)

6th January 2023

Vancouver, BC


Private Party
– Vancouver, BC (December 2022)

Xmas Private Party
– Vancouver, BC (December 2022)

Love Flow: Second Edition by PAXKAN
– West Vancouver, BC (December 2022)

Restorative transmutation by PAXKAN
– West Vancouver, BC (August 2022)

LucidAfter life experiment volume 3
– West Vancouver, BC (August 2022)

Sunday Social Summer
– Burnaby, BC (August 2022)

Sound Journey
– West Vancouver, BC (August 2022)


Mountain Dew: Psytrance Gathering
– Pemberton, BC (August 2022)

Togetherwood Bday Music Gathering
– Pemberton, BC (July 2022)

– Vancouver, BC (June 2022)

The Dark Side Of The Moon
– Vancouver, BC (May 2022)

Alien Abduction Music Festival
– Princeton, BC (May 2022)

Private Party
– Vancouver, BC (May 2022)

– Vancouver, BC (May 2022)

Private Party
– Vancouver, BC (April 2022)

Ilumina by PAXKAN
– West Vancouver, BC (March 2022)

One-year celebration of NirvanAmi Wellness
– Vancouver, BC  (March 2022)

Enchanted Tea Party
– Burnaby, BC (February 2022)

Private party
– North Vancouver, BC (February 2022)

Wish for the planet by PAXKAN
– Vancouver, BC (January 2022)

Monika’s Art Boutique Grand Opening
– West Vancouver, BC (January 2022)


Under the stars: Music Festival – Princeton, BC

Paradise Valley: Music Festival – Hope, BC

All one – Burnaby, BC

Psytree Origins – Squamish, BC

Moonflow – Vancouver, BC

Wonderisland: Art & Music Festival – Squamish, BC

Back to the wild: Music Festival – Pemberton, BC

Cloud 9: Music Festival – Squamish, BC

Love Flow – West Vancouver, BC

Cool cats afternoon – Vancouver, BC

Alien Abduction – Squamish, BC

Meet your spiritual Sangha – Vancouver, BC

Psytree vip.co – Squamish, BC


And 30+ private events & parties…

Music runs through my veins, and I’ve been DJing since my first gig in the Czech Republic way back in 2008. While I dabbled in mixing for a while, my passion for music led me to explore the electronic music scene, and I started DJing again in 2019 in Vancouver, Canada.

My music is more than just beats and rhythms; it’s a story waiting to be told. With my background in theatre and acting, I approach DJing as if I’m putting on a performance. Every set is a chance for me to take my listeners on a journey, weaving together different sounds and genres to create a narrative that’s both captivating and unforgettable (I hope.) Whether I’m playing BreakBeats, Breaks, Deep DubStep, Downtempo, Psytrance, Trance, Tech House, Drum and Bass, or House, I’m always telling a story with my music. Acting is another part of my soul, and I bring that same level of passion and creativity to my DJ sets. So come along for the ride and let me transport you to a world of sound and imagination.

As an artist, I’m a tireless fighter for perfect art, but I also enjoy the imperfect process of creation. Whether I’m spending countless hours fine-tuning a beat or experimenting with different sounds and styles, I’m always pushing myself to grow and evolve as a musician. For me, the magic of music lies in the exploration and the journey, and I am constantly wandering and exploring new musical territories. That’s why my musical style is as diverse as it is dynamic and infused with a unique blend of classical, folk and ethnic sounds spiced up with a touch of theatrical flair.

In addition to traditional DJing, I’m also an ecstatic dance DJ. I work closely with Paxkan to create ecstatic dance journeys at music festivals and well-being events, and I love nothing more than seeing people enjoy and lose themselves in the music and dance like nobody’s watching.


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